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Ridgefield Kempo

105 Danbury Road, Ridgefield CT, 06877


(203) 343-0300 

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Our Martial Arts Programs



Our classes are designed to inspire a healthy lifestyle in our students everyday lives. We incorporate a blend of Kempo Karate and Kung Fu techniques that offer an excellent variety of skill enhancement for all individuals. Martial arts is highly effective for achieving concentration/focus, awareness, patience, discipline, compassion, physical strength, self-defense, performance and self control. Our teachings benefit students in the physical understanding of martial arts, but mostly in the state of mind and enlightenment the art implements. Our classes deliver a great format of exercise for our students as well, including warm-ups, stretching, cardiovascular activity, and drills that test and demand the body to use it’s inner strength and Chi. 




Our programs are for ages 3+. Kempo Karate is a great way to provide efficient guidance for children in their listening skills, discipline, motor skill development, obedience, patience, and self control. Children who participate in martial arts produce optimal evolvement in simple everyday tasks, challenges/struggles, making wise decisions and facing life situations when it comes to self defense, and mastering the mind. 




As adults we can use martial arts in many ways to help utilize our skills and performance in our daily lives. Our classes give adults an incredible exercise while integrating martial arts to extend ones physical abilities. During our training, we invest the development of our mentality, that Kempo Karate greatly supplies.




The whole family is interested? Come all together in one session! Family class is a great way for families to accomplish the benefits of martial arts together. This is a great way for your family to exercise together, work as a team, socialize, get to know one another better, help each other with weaknesses vs. strengths, and build better connections. This is a fun opportunity for your family to grow together!



Semi-Private Lessons

We have found that private lessons help benefit the one on one approach to education. Sometimes students who are in a large group become distracted. Some of our students benefit most educationally from individual attention. In some cases our students might be too shy to join class, and want to test out our facility privately before joining a class. Whatever it be, we are flexible to work in private lessons for all ages! If you feel you or your child benefits most out of a smaller class, this class is 30 minutes in length, and gives you the opportunity to receive more individual training.




In Sparring class, each opponent is equipped with sparring gear for one on one combat. This class gives our students the ability to use their learned material in real life self-defense encounters. Students are expected to demonstrate self-control by learning to direct their physical force and shifting their opponents movements to prevent injury or wasted energy. By using their Kempo forms in this class, our students can realize how to master their forms, read their opponents body language and protect themselves effortlessly.  


Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (“The gentle art”) is a Martial Art system that incorporates grappling, ground fighting, joint-locks and chokes. The art focuses primarily on controlling an opponent with weight distribution and body mechanics without using strikes. This is done by using technique, leverage and most importantly taking the fight to the ground to apply joint locks and choke holds, in order to defeat the opponent. This makes the system achievable for one to control, or submit an opponent, making it a constructive self defense system for individuals who may be smaller and/or weaker against an opponent. This program is designed to be a fun, safe way for anyone to learn self defense without the use of strikes. The practitioner will gain extensive understanding of body movement, and fluidity; helping achieve confidence and humility. Our program at Ridgefield Kempo is skill-based, not a ranking system. (Ages 13+).

Little Ninjas Program
This program is designed to be a developmental class for younger students that incorporates a more casual approach to our Kempo system. Our Little Ninjas program is a “no pressure” atmosphere to give new and inexperienced students a comfortable introduction to our system, without entering our belt ranking program. In this program, students will be developing gross motor skills, listening skills, and understanding discipline to achieve the promotion of the transition into our junior black belt program. Students will also have the privilege for their parent or guardian to join in during class for support and hands on activities. This class is a fun way to introduce the basics of our Kempo system. (Ages 2-4)